Young man with CVD

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Young man with CVD

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:48 pm

hi owen
i recently purchased the linus pauling video and a book from you and was greatly impressed by the content.
i had a heart bypass aged 32 back in 1995 with a cholesterol level of 11.4 (441) and had suffered agina as early as 24.
i have been on statins for 12 years and have gradually just felt worse and worse with muscle pains and it affects my walking a distance and many other things.

i came off them for a couple of weeks a while ago and all the symtoms dissappeared and i felt great.
all of the vitamin c / lysine /proline theory makes a lot of sense so 2 months ago i started a new regime consuming the linus pauling theraputic amounts of the latter.

my natural cholesterol level without statins is 9.4 (363) .

should i be worried about this and take the damn statins or just carry on with the pauling regime and stop worrying about my cholesterol level and forget the statins?

kind regards
J. )uk)

I think this is an easy question. FORGET THE STATINS. They are derived from plant poison and will slowlly kill you after they drain all the energy from you.

Also, cholesterol is probably the friend of the bypass.

The issue is your bypass graph. I am convinced that vitamin C/lysine and proline can "clean" arteries, but since a bypass is a vein, it is inherently weaker tissue than an artery. The body uses Lp(a) to keep the bypass vein strong.

In theory, there is no limit to the amount of vitamin C you should be taking - up to bowel tolerance. The more the better.

The issue that is less clear is the amount of lysine/proline with a bypass. At some point these Lp(a) binding inhibitors keep the bypass from narrowing too much, but at some other dosage, in theory, they might eliminate the added tensil
strength and support that Lp(a) was providing to the vein.

But, you I can tell you that cholesterol is your friend, so even if statins weren't poison, you wouldn't want to artificially lower the cholesterol that may help the vien/bypass. Vitamin C is your friend.

To a certain point, extra lysine and proline are your friends, in particular lysine. If I personally had a bypass graph, I probably would rely on 1 Jar of Tower product per month, and take the rest of my C to bowel tolerance, unless there was angina pain, indicating reduced blood flow.

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