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Man Going Downhill now has Arrhythmia

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:01 am
by ofonorow
I am almost certain your tired of seeming my email pop up however, I have very few sources or places to ask for advice. Not certain you can help me, while I am winning the war so to speak, I could easily lose the battle if I don’t give it attention and that is Arrhythmia.

While I have been looking for possible clues, such as iodine, apple cider, etc I am not certain but I don’t think Vit C is going to do much for this part of the journey, hope I am wrong, however, haven’t seen any reference to this piece of the disease.

Many refer to it as heart palpitation really it involves the upper and lower chamber of the heart with the lower being most dangerous in terms of life or death. This of course, is where Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs and why I have the defibrillator with the pacemaker to keep the heart rate constant above 59 and lower than 200.

My question is do you know of a doctor, who might have some experience with Arrhythmia that I can reference or contact?



Maybe JOHNWEN will respond. You'll get the straight scoop.

In the mean time count up the amount of MANGANESE in all your supplements. 20 mg of Manganese causes arrhythmia because it crowds out what the heart really needs - Magnesium. Cut out all supplements with ANY Manganese. Increase magnesium. Report in my book that it requires 60 days to eliminate excess Manganese from body.. All this from USDA researchers on swine... No more than 2 mg daily of Manganese - you can get this in food/herbs.

Re: Man Going Downhill now has Arrhythmia

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:14 am
by Johnwen
100% what Owen said!!!

Magnesium and Potassium Aspartate.

Mag 100mg,Potassium 99mg. 3 times a day.

Re: Man Going Downhill now has Arrhythmia

Posted: Sun May 20, 2012 4:50 am
by ofonorow
I talked with a technician at Livon Labs and they indicated that 5 packages was like getting a 50 g intravenous dose of Vit C. Would you agree?

If that is so I have been thinking that I will switch and try 5 pks a day which would be at least 5 boxes per month. Your price for a half carton would make sense. I would also buy one GSH per month as I am doing one per day with this product. I didn’t know you also had GSH so it could be added to the half case making this total $242.95 plus shipping of $14.50 or $257.45. Can this sort of volume be assured each month? I would think it could. I would keep what I have with the Cardo C and do 1 or two scoops per day for the other supplements. In this fashion I am certain I am getting the most or more the body benefit.

The one thing I realized is that I don’t know if there is anything that will help the arrhythmia other than the diffib.

Please advise your thoughts.


From my personal experience - taking IV/C at the same time - I do not agree that 5 packages of Lypo-C is the same as 50 grams of IV/C. NO WAY. (Now, if they have done studies and measured blood levels, I would love to see these papers/links!)

Edit June 2013 - at the time I wrote this, I was trying to fix a problem that no amount of vitamin C can fix - either IV/C or Lypo-C - low cortisol output! I didn't know it had anything to do with cortisol at the time, nor did I know that low cortisol leads to infections or symptoms of infections.

Now we know, especialyl for bacerial infections, 5 Lypo-C does look to be as effective as a 50 g IV/C. Owen

We say, based on anecdotal evidence, that 1 Packet Lypo-C is worth roughly 5 grams ordinary oral C, and there is some "liposomal" benefit that may amplify the dosage. However, I doubt 10 packages equals 50 grams IV. It might equal 50 grams of oral intake. The ratio Lypo to oral might be 10 to one, but is likely 5 to one.

In fact, since 5 packets provides 5 grams, even if 100% absorbed, that is all the vitamin C that can be provided, so if the effect is like an IV of some higher dosage, than it has something to do with the liposomes allowing the C to enter cells without the normal insulin transport.

In any case, Lypo-C is a great product, and can provide IV-like blood levels without needles, etc.

What are you trying to achieve with the IV? (Lypo-C)

What have you already tried regarding the arrhythmia? (You have minimized manganese
from all your supplements, correct?)

Re: Man Going Downhill now has Arrhythmia

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:45 am
by J.Lilinoe
how about adding L-taurine, L-arginine, hawthorn berry extract and grape seed extract? ... news_id=45

Re: Man Going Downhill now has Arrhythmia

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:52 am
by ofonorow
Hi Owen

This is the guy whose life 11 months ago was on a Down Hill Spiral....l went to the Doctor for routine check on Aug 30 and he was amazed at the progress of healing the heart conditions I was told I have. Today I can report great news the journey is happening the reversal is happening and much is given to the Lypo Spheric product I have taken since last November and I have done 5 packages a day also taking the Lypo Spheric GSH in conjunction with the Vit C. Blood pressure is normal, my pacer battery life is at 6 years and having minor adjustments and the Tech said this is due to stable condition, and now even the Cardo Guy has started to believe the Vit C is working. However, there is a bigger piece that even moves over Vit C and that is my relationship with God and the miracle He has made upon my Temple, body and spirit. I know that we humans tend to go there and I do also only to proclaim that the healing has come about not because of the Vit C but by the Hand of Jesus, Holy Spirit and God is deserving of all the Glory.

You might ask why, you might say the Vit C was the answer, yet it only will and can work if God knows that whomever is striving to heal their condition first acknowledges that they can without the help of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Often we humans go about in our defiance, blaming God and yet not realizing it is Satan behind the illness, not God. Often God is blamed for not healing ones self and I too was doing just that Blaming God and playing into the hands of Satan. One day in March all of this began to change for me and I began realizing my role in my personal self destruction although not realizing the self destruction portion. On another day I read in the One Year Bible, God gives all of humans warnings, promptings and signs and we humans are so prideful, unwilling to acknowledge God accept when a Miracle Occurs first and then praise to God after. Over the last months while taking Vit C I discovered my part of this self destruction piece and became on a journey to repair that and to develop unquestionable faith. As Martin Luther the Monk in Germany discovered while in training was "that man shall live by faith alone through the righteousness gained by Jesus at the Cross and that began the reformation in the world Man Shall Live By Faith Alone or often referred to as Faith to Faith.

I realize it might be said because a Miracle has occurred that I am praising God, and not so I started praise God knowing that my faith and commitment was all that I had left in me and for months I sought the healing of my Temple through Jesus where as before I was defiant thinking I could do the healing which was the same attitude humanity holds or an individual and they give glory to themselves rather than God. I am certain that anyone can destroy themselves and do everyday its just part of what we humans do rather than seeking God's will and not my will. As I stood before him what was left or me to do was to give over myself and my will and start "right living" rather than the way I was living and my personal agenda.

The parting words from my doctor on Thursday was "I can't believe how good of shape your body is now" all the pressure points were normal, all the circulation normal, B P normal and then I was rewarded again by reduction in medication. I also lost about 15 pounds of unnecessary weight, thyroid is almost back to normal level and yes I am grateful, however, I am grateful to the Glory of God and know I have been Redeemed, Saved given a new opportunity. I have enrolled in college at 70 years working on 71 and studying Ministry, holding down two jobs and loving every minute of life.

I hope you will publish this not for my pride nor boasting nor claiming how great I am, because now of that is so for me and again I stress that all the Glory of Healing goes to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit but to allow others to see there is a way to heal their inflictions Thank you for introducing me to Vit C and the man Pauling discovered via the Grace of God about the value of Vit C and the Lypo Spheric is wonderful I have had not tolerance problems, nothing adverse. Thank you again.



Dear Mr. Lewis,

Truly great news! Geniuses like like Linus Pauling were put on earth for a purpose, and we all owe a great deal to him - and science - and God.

Do not back off on the vitamin C - people feel so good, they lower their vitamin C intake, and then relapse.

And perhaps you are meant to help others? We are starting to plan for a documentary - filming the stories of people like you. Would you be interested in being filmed?

Also, have you seen David Leakes book/links? He wrote a powerful short book about his experience, and posted his medical records online. You can find the links at this post.

I have a feeling you are not only meant to get well - but help us spread the word.

Owen Fonorow
Vitamin C