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Love this section!

Vitamin C toxicity?

I find it amusing in the wake of pharmaceutical disaster after disaster in all areas of medicine, including my own specialty, that there is even discussion of a toxicity level for vitamin C – especially for a sick person.

Toxicity of anything can only occur with unused excess which acts as a "poison" in the body, and is retained. Vitamin C is never a poison in the body, because every single function of the body requires it, and when there is too much, the person has a one-time episode of loose bowels, as the excess is removed from the body. This is how you know you’ve had enough vitamin C.

For anyone to consider that vitamin C could have toxicity means that they have no understanding of the various roles that vitamin C has in the body. There is a full body of research literature supporting the truth that vitamin C is nontoxic and safe in indicated 11 NIH, neurological disorders. Are febrile seizures harmful?
circumstances in megadose quantities. There is much evidence indicating that vitamin C metabolism changes during infections and this may affect the relationship between doses and adverse effects (Hemilä 2006 pp 6-712), meaning that if you are burning through vitamin C and your body is requiring more and more, you will not suffer from toxicity. You will suffer from lack of it (vitamin C)!

One of the biggest problems is that people are scared to use the sorts of doses they need to. They have been brainwashed about how dangerous vitamin C is in large doses. They see 20-30 Grams for an adult or 5 -10 grams for a child to be a megadose. But when the body has the level of need that someone with so much bacterial exotoxin and oxidative stress has, these seemingly high doses often just keep up with the ongoing need. To help with the pertussis, you have to give a big enough dose, because it's going to be used up hand over fist. It's like pouring water into a bucket with leaking holes. The pace has to keep up with the "use."

It has been reported that people with serious infections can ingest over 50 g/day of vitamin C without gastric problems (Luberoff 1978; Cathcart 198113). The same principle whereby use of a necessary substance cannot cause toxicity, applies for a few other nutrients during infection, like vitamin A. You can give a child with measles vitamin A in levels which would normally be considered toxic, because the action of the measles virus pulls vitamin A out of the body hand over fist. All you are doing there is replacing what the body is mining. Therefore in the context of measles, high doses of vitamin A will not be toxic.
Vitamin C cannot be toxic when used to treat any disease where it is required. You wouldn't be using megadoses when you are super healthy, but only when such doses are required.
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