Bought Calcium Ascorbate Threonate for circulation problems

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Bought Calcium Ascorbate Threonate for circulation problems

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I am a mum of twins interested in optimizing my family's health. I believe I have the beginnings of atherosclerotic or circulatory deficit in my left foot caused by high, untreated cholesterol levels. I read that vit c was recommended and bought calcium ascorbate Threonate complex yesterday. However, I am worried about the calcium levels affecting my blood vessels adversely can you please help me with understanding the best type of vit c for me? Thank you


Others here may have different opinions. This is my opinion.

The are generally two recommended forms of oral vitamin C.

Ascorbic Acid (mildly acidic)

Sodium Ascorbate (alkaline form of vitamin C)

Calcium ascorbate may sound healthy, however we and many other vitamin C experts do not recommend it. For one reason, at the dosages we usually recommend, there is the chance of getting too much calcium, especially when you are taking vitamin C to fight an infection.

We offer a pure ascorbic acid powder and a sodium ascorbate powder.

A recent development is a better absorbed form called liposomal vitamin C, and we currently recommend Lypo-C from (And we also carry this product). This form can be especially important for people who cannot tolerate the dosages we recommend of regular vitamin C.

If you have circulation issues, you might consider our Cardio-C product ( )which contains Linus Pauling's invention for reversing atheroclerosis. That is, Cardio-C contains his recommended lysine (and proline) which are Lp(a) cholesterol binding inhibitors.
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