Husband with long CVD History not noticing improvement on PT

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Husband with long CVD History not noticing improvement on PT

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:33 am

Can you tell me how long does it take for Cardio-C to take effect? My husband had been on it for a month and has not noticed any results. His chest discomfort level is the same as to when he started taking Cardio-C.
He started taking 1 scoop 3x a day. After 1 month, he has increased the amount to 2 scoops 3x a day. Is this still a safe level for him to be at? And will he begin to notice a difference? Thank you, L

Requested more details:

Thank you for responding to my situation.

It wasn't until the second week of February that I discovered Cardio-C for my husband, Dale. He started off with 1 scoop 3x day. Starting 3/13/2017, he is on 2 scoops 3x a day to see if this would give him a noticeable relief.

He has had 2 open heart surgeries(1 @ 29 yrs of age and 1 @ 33 yrs) He is now 60 and experiencing chest discomfort to the point he
knows something is wrong. He is taking: Juice Plus along with the Vineyard Blend, Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega+CoQ10, AOR Advanced B
Complex, Life Extension Magnesium L-Threonate, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Curcumin, Metoprolol, Lisinopril, and Atorvastatin (20mg). PLEASE tell me how long he should wait (before we see a cardiologist) to see if the Cardio-C will have an effect on him. He has
not noticed any change since he started taking it in early February.

Thank you

I hope johnwen will notice this post and comment. (He'd have a much more educated guess why your husband may not be responding to vitamin C and lysine.)

Here are my thoughts.

#1 Not a drug expert, but if Atrovastatin is what I think it is, a statin-cholesterol lowering drug, then, in my opinion, it is IMPERATIVE that you add at least 200 mg of Co-enzyme Q10 to your husband's regimen. (I'd start with 600 mg daily, with meals (need fat to absorb) and taper back to 200 mg daily.) Lets see, I wrote this paper long ago after I learned that a) statins inhibit the body from making its own CoQ10, and b) the wide-spread use of statins has tripled the incidence of heart failure among statin users.

#2 You might consider the "everything but the kitchen sink" Ascorsine-9 (A-9) Pauling-therapy product from Tower Laboratories, (Tell them Owen sent you and ask them for 30% off your first order. Note. I designed A-9 for Tower Labs way back when.)

#3 Whether you go the A-9 route (to cover all nutritional bases) you should add the original Unique-E vitamin E product from A C Grace. (This product is available from Life Extension LEF.ORG). (At leat 800 iu daily, the the late founder of AC Grace credited 4000 iu with saving his life, and that is why he bought the company.) Vitamin E is almost as important as vitamin C for heart disease, and the two antioxidants work together, but in different parts of the cell.

#4 Your husband needs to cut down on carbs/sugars, because high levels of glucose in the blood will crowd out vitamin C from entering cells. An Atkins or so-called Ketogenic diet is best, as this approach will speed his road to recovery. (If he has any insulin requirements, he must coordinate his insulin intake with his vitamin C intake.. Let me know on this.)

#5. Long ago we made a discovery that fiber - while generally great for your health - fiber can grab onto and leach either the vitamin C and/or lysine when taken together. So, take Cardio-C on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals, and take any fiber at other times, not with the Cardio-C.
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Re: Husband with long CVD History not noticing improvement on PT

Post Number:#2  Post by Joanna45 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:39 am

I also think the results you get depends on how narrowed the arteries are in the heart ..I think I would see a cardiologist to have tests for narrowing ..that is what I did..I did not take any drugs that they offered because I was just under 50% narrowing..and the heart tech from tower labs worked for me after a week...the tests that I had were a stress echocardiogram on a treadmill And a mesenteric duplex ultrasound ...hope this helps


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