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Re: New Here and Need Guidance on Starting Pauling Therapy

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:53 pm
by skwoodwiva
gut1kor wrote:I have got the Hard Rhino Vitamin C powder and it tastes very sour, like biting a raw lemon. How to get over this sourness? I am afraid I couldn't take 7g of Vit C a day as I have to add a lot of water to get the sourness to tolerable level. I can do it at home but not in the office. :-(

Also the L Lysine powder (HealthVit Indian brand) has some faint foul smell. Is it normal?

Get 000 capsules.
More here. viewtopic.php?p=47944#p47944

Do not take VC in your mouth, teeth erosion.