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Re: low cholesterol and e.d.

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:15 am
by zarfas
francisunderwood wrote:Owen, I hope it's okay to call you that, is there anything else besides arginine that would improve blood flow? s?

or just read this study about nirtates/cancer,. blood flow

These and other findings point to a less widely acknowledged but biologically plausible hypothesis: the content of inorganic nitrate (NO3−) in certain vegetables and fruit can provide a physiologic substrate for reduction to nitrite (NO2−), nitric oxide, and other metabolic products (NOx) that produce vasodilation, decrease blood pressure, and support cardiovascular function (16–18). Interestingly, both potassium nitrite, in 1880, and potassium nitrate, in 8th century China, were known to mediate hypotensive and antianginal actions, respectively (19, 20). The goals of this review are to 1) provide a physiologic context for the potential health benefits of dietary nitrite and nitrate from plant foods, and 2) support a growing consensus for a comprehensive reevaluation of the health benefits and risks associated with dietary sources of nitrates and nitrites.