I am believing that I might not die next month

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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I am believing that I might not die next month

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:20 am

My name is Steve [deleted] (72 years old) and I discovered the Linus Pauling Therapy about 15 days ago. In that time I have purchased both Heart Tech and Cardioade and have been on 6000mg and 2500mg daily for about one week. I have been on a sugar free diet for 8 days and lost about 8 pounds down to 168. Yesterday I had my one tooth with a root canal removed. I have read you book along with "Stop America's #1 Killer and several others. Also ordered about $400 worth of all these books from Amazon to give to people I know that have CVD and most will be here by weeks end. So I am a believer and will do all I can to get the word out.

Thanks for the report. You seem to be doing the correct things and I hope it works for you. I'm glad you found Tower Labs. Know that my company is starting a referral program. Referrals will reward a person with lower costs on their ongoing autoships of Cardio-C.

I discovered my right coronary artery blocked in 2005 and was told to exercise a lot as my left artery had started to branch out and supply the right side of my heart. So, I have exercise considerably and it has helped as I made it until Feb 2013 when I had a stent put into my LAD which was 99% blocked. Of course I have been on every statin since about 1993 and this summer 40mg of Crestor was finally too much and I developed severe mussel pain in the legs. So I quit Crestor and went out west hiking with my wonderful wife--no muscle pain but plenty of stops due to angina. Upon returning home the in August they put me on Zeita which was suppose to act differently. Well it still caused pain and I stopped it 15 days ago. I decided to search the internet and found Tower Laboratories and all the associated information. Got a chance to speak with Sally and she was very helpful and encouraging.

So, here I am believing that I might not die next month or year and, in fact, might live quite a bit longer. Thanks for all you have done. I was looking for your second book and discovered that it was not published but I was able to see some chapters on the Vitamin C foundation website. So joining the forum is the next step in my education. I have not told my doctors and see little use in doing so until November when I have follow up visits with my regular doctor and cardiologist. I had a full blood work up about one year ago and will have that repeated in mid October before seeing my doctors. Of course, it seems to me that I will know if my blockages have cleared up long before then if my angina goes away and I am able to exercise for longer periods. I don't have much faith the the blood numbers because mine have generally been in range and I have angina--so as you know statins do not work.

I will be happy to share all information if you wish.
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