I have have high LPA and high LDL particle test,, now what?

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I have have high LPA and high LDL particle test,, now what?

Post Number:#1  Post by zarfas » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:47 pm

so both of my grandads died of heart issues
my dad has a low lpa
mine is high? low?

this thread told me the best way to assesss my risk for having clogged arteries is to get a Lp(a) blood test

a simple Lp(a) test, NO RADIATION, is better
A new study has found that when added to a traditional lipid panel – a blood test that measures lipids – measurements of apparently healthy patients' blood levels of LP(a) can help doctors more accurately predict the patient's risk of developing heart disease over the next 15 years
--cleavland clinic
https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2014 ... ease-risk/

Although I think an Lp(a) test

if you want to see how "at-risk" you are for heart diease, get the LpA and LDL particle tests done

what is they are bad? then what do you do?


I believe the range for Lp(a) is:
Desirable: < 14 mg/dL (< 35 nmol/l)
Borderline risk: 14 – 30 mg/dL (35 – 75 nmol/l)
High risk: 31 – 50 mg/dL (75 – 125 nmol/l)
Very high risk: > 50 mg/dL (> 125 nmol/l)

I think this is the first step to determining if you have Heart diease
I wish we had a flow chart to know what to do if the Lp(a) is abot 14mg/dl

Like above 14 --> then we do Pauling therapy,get to lose bodyfat(bmi 25) and then what if LPa doesnt drop?

take niacin? do what exactly?

I think
-get to a BMI of 25/bodyfat of 15% for men
-eat a plant based diet_no more man made foods, or very few
-7+grams vit C spread over the day
-5+grams lysine/proline spread over the day
-1+ k2 pills
--niacin at night(to lower LPa)
more Mg, about 600mg/day

-eat more veggies
maybe other foods to increase NO

what do you think? and please, dont give us 20links, just say what you think a person with HIGH LDL or LPA test should do?

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