Long time HT user/Husband Bleeding Ulcers. Is HT OK?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Long time HT user/Husband Bleeding Ulcers. Is HT OK?

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:01 am

I've had my husband use heart tech. original formula for 7 years after a 5 way bypass.

We are up to 6 scoops a day. I just got my husband out of the hospital today for bleeding ulcers that came close to claiming his life. He lost 3 units of blood before the ambulance got him to the hospital. He needed a total of 8 units of blood and two cauterizations for two stomach ulcers. I am concerned about starting him on heart tech again. Will these amounts of heart technology interfer with his stomach and could they cause bleeding ulcers?
Mrs. Lois B.

** first this is anecedotal evidence that taking proline is really no problem for a by-pass patient (7 yeara after a 5-way!)

A) Ulcers are known to be generally caused by a bacteria H. Pylori. And naturally, vitamin C has been shown to be effective helping to eradicate H. Pylori. Has this man been put on antibiotics?

B) Without knowing his medical history (has he been on ant acids/stomach acid blockers?, or aspirin, etc.) I think it might be wise to buffer the ascorbic acid in HT with sodium bicarbonate - (baking soda) as Pauling himself did. This creates a less acidic drink (some is converted to sodium ascorbate). The drink will explode if you put too much in, I usually put one half teaspoon, add a little bit of water until the fizzing stops and then add the rest of the water. I would keep doing this, at least until the stomach ulcer issue subsides.

And most heart patients believe the TV commercials and take aspirin. This may be the root cause of his problem! (And according to early research as reported by Stone, vitamin C should be given every time aspirin is given.)

And I would add some livonlabs Lypo-C

In case he cannot tolerate any HT, we do not want to drastically reduce his vitamin C intake, so even if the buffering works, I would probably substitute for awhile with LivonLabs Lypo-C where each packet would equal 1 or 2 servings of Heart Tech. So perhaps 3-4 packets daily while his stomach heals. Even 2 packets would be better than no packets of liposomal C. Perhaps take the lysine separately as pills during the healing.
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath
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Re: Long time HT user/Husband Bleeding Ulcers. Is HT OK?

Post Number:#2  Post by Johnwen » Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:37 pm

Being in the dark about what other meds this gentleman is on here's my obeservations with situatations like this.
They are usaually on Plavix or more likely warfarin. Take a lowdose asprin 82mg.
Take a Beta-Blocker and or Ace inhibitor for blood pressure.
Taking a pill for gerd. Prilosic etc. and has been on it for longer then 8 weeks

At sometime like 3 or 4 days prior to this episode he had a severe headache, backache or some other pain and either took a good dose of Nsaids, Advil etc. or something with a good dose of Acetaminophen in it.
This ignited the fuse and set off the explosion!! All of the Meds mentioned above have GI problems as side effects and do damage to the lining of the stomach now throwing an analgesic in there and the poor tummy ain't got a chance in heck!!
But hey lets blame the Vitamin C it's an acid right???
The only thing thats doing any good to help him is what they blame as the cause when their building an internal bomb in their tummy every day with the meds their taking.
I'm going to stop at this while I'm still smiling :lol:
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