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Middle Eastern Medical School Professor Starting PT

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:49 am
by ofonorow
Dear Sir, I am beginning my therapy with the advice that you have given.

I already contacted Thomas Smith, ( whom we should ideally call as the real doctor. I received his book too about Insulin-the silent killer. Its such a pleasure to find simple truths after a long time.

I have started vitamin C with 500mg dose. I got Solgar Vitamin C 1 gm tablets and Flax seed oil and cod liver oil.

My present problems are
palpitations since 2 to 3 years.
Chest pain..a sort of dull aching pain that is mostly present and if I strain much it beomes more. And when it becomes more it stays that way for a day or two.
For more than 2 years I am unable to walk long for fear of getting the
Now a days I also feel discomfort when taking prolonged lectures for medical

I tested my heart with a cardiologist and fortunately nothing pathological
was noted in ECG, Echocardiography and Stress test.

After a chance reading of your website, i have got the hope to get healed
logically. I thank Almighty for this and pray for your well being.

Please guide me to recover quickly. I would appreciate if you could help me in recommending your medicines and how to get them immediately. Meanwhile should I get Lysine also from Solgar brand or wait for your powder. And I want to know if i can take vitamin c in large amounts being a Diabetic?

Presently I am on Glyciphage 500 mg extended release at meal time and Amaryl 1 mg BD. As I had heart weakness doctors have been recommending insulin since 4 months. but I was hesitating to take it. but since two days as I got more weaker after a 4 hour lecture my wife has forced me to take Lantus insulin 8 units at bed time. Please advice. thank you.

Hopefully one of the docs here will have good advice. Pauling pointed out that insulin is an example of an orthomolecular (aka good) drug! Are you Type I?

All the evidence I am aware of is that vitamin C is very important for diabetics, the more the better. (If this is not true, keep reading this thread! We'll all find out...) For example, here is a story about recent findings:
OU researchers stop diabetes damage with Vitamin C

Irwin Stone told us that research since the forties showed that increased vitamin C reliably lowers the requirement for insulin.

And yes - take what every vitamin C lysine and proline you can find locally. Assuming your authorities allow it, we can ship directly to you if desired.

Re: Middle Eastern Medical School Professor Starting PT

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:53 am
by ofonorow
Dear Sir, Thanks for your care in re reading the mail.

I am having Diabetes Type 2. It has developed in recent years (3 to 4 years) and am on treatment with Allopathic medicines since only 5 months. I was trying to cure it with life style and herbal medicines with out knowing about the oil issues. I have been taking sunflower refined oil ever since my childhood, influenced by the media.

Your information that Insulin is a good medicine is a good news to me, for I have seen people dependent on insulin fare well usually. Because I was against dependency on any drugs I was not taking it. After coming to know Thomas Smith through you I am confident that I can cure Diabetes naturally in few months and I am happy to take Insulin until then.

Important Research Related Message

Sir, I have been listening to your radio interviews and knowing your foundation better. It is a great cause that you are working for. I have resolved to join you in the spread of this vital knowledge. Already I am a strong supporter of natural and inexpensive system of traditional medicine. Now I am strengthened by this experience.

I am an Indian, 40 years old MD doctor settled in UAE. I am in contact with so many budding doctors here in Dubai and in India. I will spread this message of hope to all. Please study my website: I have been blessed with certain World transforming Discoveries and would be so happy to share with you.

Re: Middle Eastern Medical School Professor Starting PT

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:15 pm
by Johnwen
CQ10 100 to 300 Mg NOW!!!

Question: Does his pain increase when his BP rises??
Not just from excercising lets say if something agravates him which gives rise to an increase in BP.
How often does his diastolic pressure (low number) rise above 80 mm/hg?
Has he tried nitro glycerin when he gets these pains?
If he has any relief??
Has he had an angiogram??

He needs to be on PT now also. My thoughts go to the osium of one of the cornary arteries either a hyperplasia, a cogential defect or lazy valve leaflet.
Seriously he needs to be monitered till they can put a finger on the cause of this.

Re: Middle Eastern Medical School Professor Starting PT

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:42 am
by ofonorow
Dear Sir, I have registered in the discussion forum on Vitamin C foundation. Till you accept it I will reply here and then I hope I will be able to reply on the discussion board.

My age is 40 years. My blood pressure is normal and infact its about 110/70
mm of Hg. I have been having palpitations since 2 years and diabetes also during that
period and on effort this discomfort used to come. It varied at different times. I have never used any medications like Nitroglycerin.

Angiography has not been done.

Now I have reached 2000 mg of vitamin c and 1000 mg of Lysine and so far no diarrhea. Should I start on CQ now...?

See johnwens previous post NOW!

2000 mg still very low - vitamin C.

Age 40 is just at the beginning of when endogenous CoQ10 product declines. Why not start with 100 mg, perhaps 50 mgs twice per day, and work up. Eat with fats - bile must be present for CoQ10 to be absorbed in the gut.

Great lipsomal forms of both vitamin C and coq10 are on the market.