Which Unique E product is recommended for PT protocol?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Which Unique E product is recommended for PT protocol?

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Which of the Unique E products is appropriate with the AscorbAde to comply with the Pauling Protocol?

Thank you!

You ask a very interesting question, and the answer used to be easy! There was only one Unique-E product!.

I have had lunch with the current CEO of A. C. Grace, and he was able to explain to me the research and reason for coming out with more products, given that the original is the one that has worked miracles. They have made things more complicated! They felt that based on the latest research they needed to offer a product with tocotrienols. There are some very interesting studies of this form of vitamin C and cancer suppression.

However, when I wrote my book, to my knowledge, there was one Unique-E (making it unique!) and it is the original with mixed tocopherols, including gamma tocopherol. I noticed that when i order from say LEF.ORG, I get the right one!
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