possible arrhythmia need help

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possible arrhythmia need help

Post Number:#1  Post by jezzika39 » Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:09 pm

My fiance has been feeling light headed and coming to the point of near fainting more times than i can remember over the last couple of years it started on a fourth of the july i turned at the fireworks stand to ask him a question and he wasnt there he was sitting on the ground he said he got dizzy, his heart was all fluttery, and he felt like someone just pushed him down to the ground by his shoulders i thought maybe too much sun we had been out in record tempratures mowing my mothers 3 foot high grass. But then it kept happening over the years.3 months ago he went to the doctor for it she told him it was probably stress and put him on a medication called buspar. Wich did nothing because its not anxiety or stress The other day he almost blacked out on the interstate. Thats when he decided it was time to go back to the doctor. they said quit with the buspar wich he already had cause it obviously wasnt what he needed they gave him an event monitor to wear in case it happens again. and told him his heartbeat was a little slow wich isnt the first time he has been told this. Also when his grandfather was 33 same age as him he just fell over dead for no apparent reason. I am scared i will lose him if i leave it up to them i have no faith in the local doctors around here .i am an all natural -approach kind of person anyway so the first thing i thought vitamin deficiency. I reasearched all day and all night alot of wich was done here at this site, for different courses of action and came up with the following.

* edited vitamins to what he is currently taking sorry bout the type o on the vit. d

15-20g vitamin c
800-3200 IU vitamin e
4-12 g L-Arginine
20000-40000 IU vitamin a
200mg COQ10
6g omega 3 from flax and fish oil
20000 IU D3
4g garlic
super b complex
cayenne pepper supplement

Is there anything im missing

fter all the reading im slightly confused about the arginine and lysine. Should he take both just not at the same time? do the dosages look right dont want to make anything worse. He is not currently taking a multivitamin the one he had had iron in it and to much maganese.

thanks for your time
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Re: possible arrhythmia need help

Post Number:#2  Post by Johnwen » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:19 pm

First of all I would like to compliment you for your drive for answers and welcome to the forum.
Now your soon to be’s problem! The name of his problem is called bradycardia which means his pulse rate drops to low to supply the amount of oxygen the body needs and then the lights go out.
Make no mistake this is a serious problem and needs to be addressed by a health care professional and I would say if his current provider is taking this lightly he really needs to find someone who will take it serious!
Let’s look at common causes in younger adults
1. Electrolyte imbalance
2. Thyroid problem
3. Malnutrition
4. Coronary nerve problem
Down at the bottom of the list would be clogged arteries.
Since you said he dropped while standing in the heat that pointed me to number one automatically. A electrolyte replenisher such as Gatoraide would be a good starting place to see if this helps well he waits for a good doc to see him.
The next thing would be get his heart strength up.
Here we need Vitamin-C 8 to 10 grams over the day, CQ10 @ 200mg +, Hawthorne berry, magnesium and potassium
You need to stay away from known dilators such as Arginine, Taurine, melatonin
these will only add to this problem.
As far as medical the tests he needs asap are blood work, CBC, Met panel, Thyroid panel and electrolyte level.
Good luck! Remember he needs professional help now!!!
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Re: possible arrhythmia need help

Post Number:#3  Post by bbtri » Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:32 pm

Maybe it's not related to the problem, but consider more vitamin D3 for general health. Most of the people who post their numbers here take 5,000 IU or more. 10 IU is almost nothing. A multi usually has 400.

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