Young man Starting PT and asking about dosage/maintenance

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Young man Starting PT and asking about dosage/maintenance

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Hi there.=20

I am a customer of the Vitamin C FDN. I order the cardio C. I have a nice chat with Thomas the other day and he reccomended me contacting you with a couple questions.

I am 31 years old and am in fairly good health. The last 3 years my Chol. and bld pressure have elevated to where I have to worry about hypertension. I exercise and eat pretty well, however I have bad genetics. My Dad passed away at 60 with heart issues.

I am concerned with plaque in my arteries and want to

1. Get rid of it and
2. Keep the arteries clean.

After my own research on the Pauling Therapy I concluded that my best course of action would be to take 3 scoops 2500mg of the cardio C every day for 6 months (To clear my arteries) After 6 months, I figure if I take around 1 scoop 2500mg of the cardio C per day, I will be helping myself keep my arteries clean hopefully until the day I eventually die.

Is this plan good practice of the cardio C? Again, I want to get rid of any excess build up in my arteries and then keep them clear (Hopefully econo mically)

Let me know your thoughts and thanks so much. I look forward to your response.


First, I think it is an excellent plan for someone your age, given the danger signals, to begin Cardio-C and I do like your initial dosage.

The one unknown is how much you may actually require for maintenance - to keep your arteries strong and healthy, and perhaps how long it might require for the original dosage to work its magic.

I suppose BP and cholesterol are good markers that you may use to help regulate your intake.

The thing that strikes me is that you are young to have those danger signals, and there are people who can metabolize a lot of vitmain C. I discovered that I was like Pauling and could tolerate 18,000 to 20,000 mg daily, and my life (health) changed dramatically for the better after I found that out.

So I might agree that your dosage of Cardio-C can probably be reduced over time (lysine/proline) but that you may have to consider that based on your family history, you have a higher than normal requirement for vitamin C, and you should probably take vitamin C close to your bowel tolerance.

A data point is that I have been doing just that (18 g vit. C) since 1986. (I started taking 3000 mg of vitamin C regularly in 1983, then upped it in 86.). I am now 57, and after a nuclear stress test that measures blood flow in the heart, the cardiologist who brought me the results told me to "come back and see him in 20 years." No blockages. Blood flow completely normal.
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