MI 2011, 2 stents, Lipitor, Plavex and Aspirin

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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MI 2011, 2 stents, Lipitor, Plavex and Aspirin

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:35 am

Had a major heart attack in July 2011. Have two stents in my LAD...on Lipitor, low dose aspirin and Plavex. Want to try one of the choices.

Sounds like you do not supplement vitamin C - and need to.

Start with this protocol, and let us know how much C you can tolerate during
a day,



I am finishing listening to your full radio interview from the link below.

Had a 100% blocked LAD last July...have 2 drug alluded stents from Cordis...and am presently in cardiac rehab. At 55 years old, I now feel so much better...no pain...but I don't want to go through this again. Currently taking 80 mg of Lipitor..Plavex and low dose aspirin.

Cholesterol is down to 154...I have been taking tablet C at 1 gram doses several times a day with no problems...some constipation...might be fillers causing that.

Want to get started on the products you referenced below. Is it important to have the vitamin E formulation as well...which would you recommend for someone like me?

Also, I have a left bundle branch block...heard that folks had regular EKG's after being on this therapy...have you heard of that condition resolving itself on this protocol?

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.



Hate those drugs!!! If constipated, take more vitamin C.

With 80 mg lipitor - if you want to avoid heart failure - take 600 to 1200 mg of CoQ10!

Plavix dangerous -2 or 3 trial stopped (arguably ) because plavix group dying quicker than placebo!

Entire protocol important - after vitamin C and lysine (Pauling's basic recommendations) as I post here:
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