High Cholesterol, Put on Lipitor, what should I take?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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High Cholesterol, Put on Lipitor, what should I take?

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Hey Mr. Fonorow,

My name is Glenn A[deleted]. I came across the Pauling Therapy while searching the internet for possible ways to remove plaque from arteries.

My b/p is 110/70 to 90/60. I have never had a heart attack nor by pass surgery.

My cardiologist started me on Lipitor 40mg per day after viewing my results=

Carotid US 3/21/12 revealed 50-59% blockage right carotid and 20-50% blockage left carotid.

Chemistry Panel 4/5/12
Chol 267
Trig 439
HDL 30=20
LDL N/A Tg1>400

Ch / HDL Ratio 9
Non-HDL 237=20

EKG was normal.

Please recommend products/therapy I should take.

Glenn A.

High cholesterol is a symptom of heart disease and low vitamin C intake. Treating the symptom (artificially lowering cholesterol) will, in my opinion, cause more harm than good.

You failed to include what I believe is the most important information about your situation: How much vitamin C are you and have you been supplementing?

Start with the protocol given in the following link. When you know you tolerance, we
can recommend a drink mix product (more convenient than pills without fillers, etc.)


In my experience, your total cholesterol will go down towards 180 mg/dl when you are taking the right (optimal) amount of vitamin C. This is also what a great deal of cholesterol and vitamin C research by E. Ginter shows. As the underlying heart disease (the fire) is put out (by vitamin C) your cholesterol will lower itself naturally.

Also there is a case described in my book http://www.practicingmedicinewithoutalicense.com/ (of my uncle) where a low dose of vitamin C and lysine completely cleared a carotid artery blockage of 50% in one month.
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath
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