Has therer been a complaint about kidney stones on vit C?

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Has therer been a complaint about kidney stones on vit C?

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Hello, Have you ever had a complaint about kidney stone, i heard too much vitamin c causes kidney stone , how can we avoid that. Thank you

"Vitamin C causes kidney stones" is a is a common medical misconception, one that Linus Pauling debunked long ago in his book HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER, yet it persists in medical and nutritional text books today as a 'possible' side effect of vitamin C. In truth, vitamin C is protective, and certainly protects against at least half of the kinds of stones that form. (Dr. Catchart treated more than 20,000 people with high doses of vitamin C and reported not seeing a single case of kidney stone formation in his practice.)

Most animals produce large amounts of vitamin C in their bodies 24/7. Kidney stones should be a large problem in the animal kingdom. Not to my knowledge.

A recent large, long-term Harvard study did not associate vitamin C with kidney stones, but did correlate low vitamin B6 with the formation of kidney stones.

Experts tell me that magnesium will dissolve most stones and prevent them from forming.

If a person is prone to stones - according to Pauling - they can adjust their vitamin C depending on the type of stone (See Pauling's book). Ascorbic acid protects against about half the stones (which form in alkaline urine) and if a person is making stones that form in acidic urine, they can take their vitamin C in its alkaline form: sodium ascorbate.
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