What intervals should I aim at?

This forum will focus on the interesting topic of titrating oral vitamin C intake to so-called bowel tolerance, the point just prior to the onset of diarrhea

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What intervals should I aim at?

Post Number:#1  Post by JohnDoe » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:21 am


I was trying to reach bowel tolerance today, but stopped, since I got a little insecure.

This was my schedule and my bodily reactions:

07:55 5000 * ascorbic acid - No reaction
08:56 5000* ascorbic acid - No reaction
09:56 5000* ascorbic acid

At this point, and this has happened before, I experience some gas problems, and very mild stomach discomfort.

At the same time the following happens: My head is not "clear", but my energy and focus increases. I am able to work a lot longer than normal without taking any breaks, and I can multitask several tasks without any problems. This is no longer normal for me. I could do this some years ago, but now I have to take very frequent breaks.

10:56 1000*ascorbic acid
11:12 The gas problems are less severe. Some stabilization seems to have occurred.
11:44 3000*ascorbic acid - No worsening of gas problems. Some mild stomach discomfort. No loose stool
12:20 Some mild stomach discomfort. Little gas problems.

I stop at this for today, but I am wondering if I - the next time I try - should aim for 5000 at 10:56 instead of 1000. What do you think?

At the same time I do not see why my gas problems DIMINISH at 11:12, taken into consideration that I take 4000 mg from 10:56-11:44.

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Re: What intervals should I aim at?

Post Number:#2  Post by mollyc » Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:16 pm

I'm no expert, having only done one titration to bowel tolerance myself (following the guidelines here http://www.perque.com/lifestyle/self-te ... e-cleanse/ - doubling the dosage after each 4 doses, and with doses 15 minutes apart). I did not reach bowel tolerance till 96 grams! I thought nothing was happening, then all of a sudden it did :shock:
As you can obviously hold 5000 grams a time no problem, I would not reduce the dose as you have done, but keep taking it in 5000 gram doses?

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