More Gas

This forum will focus on the interesting topic of titrating oral vitamin C intake to so-called bowel tolerance, the point just prior to the onset of diarrhea

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More Gas

Post Number:#1  Post by john689089 » Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:09 am

I've been taking Vitamin C at 18-20 grams per day for about two months now. And I'm experiencing the bloating and gas that other people have mentioned. I've tried using activated charcoal capsules, and that seems to help. Just wondering, though, does the charcoal or methyl-cellulose adsorb any of the Vitamin C?

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Post Number:#2  Post by ofonorow » Wed Apr 04, 2007 7:26 am

It isn't clear. Have you just started experiencing the gas, or have you had gas for the entire 2 months?

If the gas just started, one guess would be that what ever toxicity or infection was being fought has begun to clear and your bowel tolerance has lowered and you require less vitamin C. See Cathcart's for the discussion of the change in tolerance versus illness.
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Post Number:#3  Post by antioxidant_addict » Thu Apr 26, 2007 1:04 am

I've found that taking all my C through tablets cause the gas and bloating. I also wonder if it actually absorbs properly too.?.?

The brand I use has about 7-8 fillers.

I reduced this amount and swapped for pure C powder mixed with a 500mg "fizz bomb" C with B complex and don't get much gas now. Helps push through any stodge I might have eaten.

If you're rich, you can get some Lypo-C. Ask Owen about this. I won't buy it as the import duty into the UK would cost about $50 plus. I can buy 1kg+ of powder for that.

Don't forget to eat as much raw fruit and steamed veg / raw salad as you can every day. Take the C with your food. Absorption should be maximised if you
don't eat lots of sugar with your meals. Sugar and white bread is essentially poison don't forget. You can treat yourself once in a while though !



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