Fact or Fiction - you decide

What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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Fact or Fiction - you decide

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Re: Fact or Fiction - you decide

Post Number:#2  Post by davids1 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:00 pm

A true [idealistic] believer! By his reasoning, I should have been dead a long time ago, or at least be sick, or at the very least, not feel well [none of which is the case].

Also, the animals should be suffering similarly! The question he [and any others that are interested] should be exploring is: Why do the animals [virtually universally] produce pure ascorbic acid for themselves [over the course of their entire lives (in multi-gram doses [standardized to 154 pounds], I might add)], and even increase that production when under any kind of stress?

The poor unstudied masses hearing this. But, truth [ultimately] accrues to those taking the time, energy [and potential expense] to find it for themselves!

Just my viewpoint and "two cents worth,"

JFYI, I have ingested a Bowel Tolerance dose of ascorbic acid [via one gram tablets], in HEALTH, not illness [of which I have had virtually none], basically every day since 1994, amounting to [currently], on average, 75+ grams [daily], in 10 to 15 divided doses.

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