Erroneous Vit C information (Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue)

What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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Erroneous Vit C information (Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue)

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While I am indebted to Dr. James L. Wilson (DC, ND, PhD) for referring to Jefferies book on cortisol, he lost credibility with the following false information about vitamin C, and poor information about vitamin E. When one reads faulty material, one loses faith in the rest of the material, so I hope this will corrected in future additions. (however, as a Chiropractor, he has been "indoctrinated" about natural vitamins by Standard Process, and his treatment isn't as bad as it might have been!)

As we have discussed and are willing to argue, the following material on vitamin C from ADRENAL FATIGUE: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, pg. 193, by James Wilson is false.

Vitamin C, as it occurs in nature, always appears as a composite of ascorbic acid and certain bioflavinoids.

If he had inserted "occurs in nature in plants" his statement would have been correct.

It is the vitamin C complex that is so beneficial, not just ascorbic acid, by itself. Bioflavinoids are essential if ascorbic acid is to be fully metabolized and utilized by your body. The ratio is 1 mg of bioflavinoids for every 2mg of ascorbic acid. Bioflavinoids basically double the effectiveness of ascorbic acid in your body and allow the action to be more complete. The kind of vitamin C you use makes a difference. Vitamin C is much more than ascorbic acid.

References would have been nice.

Almost all the vitamin C on planet Earth used by animal metabolisms is the molecule C6O8H6 produced by animal livers (or kidneys). No bioflavinoids (which are likely useful in protecting ascorbic acid from breaking down in plants.)

To Wilson's credit, Vitamin C is listed first in the list of nutrients important to fight adrenal fatigue.


I have designed a specific vitamin C supplement

probably says it all.

His following information on vitamin E seems to be factually deficient also!
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