What is lysine's role in PT products?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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What is lysine's role in PT products?

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hi owen
what is lysine's role in Cardio-c -- or its function?

Long story. Wrote a book (http://www.practicingmedicinewithoutalicense.com/) or you can get a video of Linus Pauling lecturing that does a pretty good job explaining it!!! http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=15

Ever hear of the "lysine binding site" for "cholesterol"? (Really for Lp(a))

Adding lysine to vitamin C in high doses is really the basic definition of Linus Pauling's therapy/invention for cardiovascular (heart) disease.

In a nutshell, the real culprit in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries is a form of LDL cholesterol called Lp(a), a sticky form of LDL cholesterol. Not only does Lp(a) begin the process of plaque formation (atherosclerosis) by attaching to lysine residues on the walls of damaged or injured arteries, research that Pauling was made aware of by Rath showed it is the ONLY form of LDL cholesterol in these plaques.

It is a well kept secret that the so-called lysine binding sites are on the Lp(a) molecules!

Pauling said that knowing this, you can prevent the buildup and even reverse it (chemically in vivo) by increasing the lysine concentration in the blood.

Lysine like vitamin C is essential (i.e., required for life in the diet) and incredibly, neither vitamin C nor lysine has any known toxic lethal dose.

Vitamin C is the key - to heal and keep arteries healthy.

Animals that make their own vitamin C do not generally have Lp(a) in their blood.

Lysine is the nutritional substance used to neutralize Lp(a)
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