Dangerous extract powders used to make liposomal vit.? Tincture/extracts as safer option?

Discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of commercial and homemade (DIY) liposomal vitamin C

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Dangerous extract powders used to make liposomal vit.? Tincture/extracts as safer option?

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Hi everyone, so I was checking the acerola and I realized, because of some extracts I bought, they first extract pure liquid now they want to make extract to powder and they mix it up with Maltodextrin( which is usually corn based and I dont believe that someone in the world is that lucky to be able to get non gmo version, all versions say non gmo, just like with some ascorbic acid, but when you go deep you find out they are corn based) please consider also the fact that not everybody is able to test their supplements.
Tell me what you think , I got enough of these scams, one supplement supplier rips you of by adding magnesium stearate which interfeers with nutrient absorbtion second one gmo. I would really like to make liposomal nutrients by myself, Im wondering if anybody done it and if it would be possible to make for example liposomal MSM or liposomal lions mane extract, liposomal undenatured collagen or herbal tinctures mixed with lecithin made liposomal. I was wondering about the last possibility since the tinctures are alcohol based and recipe for example for quality liposomal c is also made with alcohol. I would rather go with little bit of alcohol that can evaporate (hope that wont damage the extract) instead of GMOS. I observed myself and realized that I got allergy to corn based products that is the main reason why Im asking . I would like to help myself and others by creating this thread I believe we all want the best for our health and want to make best exchange for our energy/money,
thank you very much for every bit of advice and opinions and have a great day :)

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