Vigorous exercise shown to lengthen telomeres in men ages 40-50

Discussion of the 2009 Noble Prize in Medicine, focusing on substances that reduce telomere shortening by activating the human telomerase enzyme

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Vigorous exercise shown to lengthen telomeres in men ages 40-50

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Richard K Bernstein on page 223 of DIABETES SOLUTION mentioned the "recent finding" that vigorous exercise actually lengthened telomeres in a study,
I went searching and found this ... cell-aging
which seems more about lifestyle rather than exercise?

Maybe this is the study Bernstein was referring to. ... oung/?_r=0

When the researchers measured telomeres in the middle-aged subjects, however, the situation was quite different. The sedentary older subjects had telomeres that were on average 40 percent shorter than in the sedentary young subjects, suggesting that the older subjects’ cells were, like them, aging. The runners, on the other hand, had remarkably youthful telomeres, a bit shorter than those in the young runners, but only by about 10 percent. In general, telomere loss was reduced by approximately 75 percent in the aging runners. Or, to put it more succinctly, exercise, Dr. Werner says, ‘‘at the molecular level has an anti-aging effect.’’
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