natural calcium blockers

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natural calcium blockers

Post Number:#1  Post by zarfas » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:41 pm

I thought natural calcium blockers, like magnessium, were good to take

dr tom levy talks about it here ... magnesium/

One of the most important agents that increase oxidative stress, especially inside the cells, is calcium. In fact, the scientific evidence indicates that increased intracellular calcium levels are always present when increased intracellular oxidative stress is present. Furthermore, a great deal of evidence indicates that increased intracellular oxidative stress does not occur in the absence of increased intracellular levels of calcium. This is further substantiated by research that shows that whenever these intracellular calcium levels can be lowered, disease resolves or at least improves. The highest intracellular calcium levels are seen in malignant cells, and when calcium can be taken out of these cells, they become less malignant, or invasive. With the removal of enough calcium, malignant cells can even revert to a normal phenotype.

he talks about 4 big pills that reduce all cause mortali
1 vit c
2 magnessium
3 vit k2
take as much as you can of the above
4 vit d--get blood levels to 50-60 ng/ml

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