stop cancer via diet

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stop cancer via diet

Post Number:#1  Post by zarfas » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:47 pm

is dr mcdougalls anticancer diet actually going to work?

-low fat
lots of veggies

Dr. McDougall Webinar: The Dietary Treatment of Cancer

what I take
using a vitamix

1 grapefruit
1lb of broccoli
garlic cloves
tomato sauce
3grams omega-3s

I also take small amount DMSO daily, not so much I smell
10grams vit C

5+ grams proline/lysine

vit D\ 5K iu
Vit K(a few tablets)
lots of mg(great calcium blocker

10k+ steps
lift weights

keep my estrogen 20-30pg/ml(I'm losing weight, soon I wont need AI)

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