Please help with sickness (vomiting with Vit C)

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Re: Please help with sickness (vomiting with Vit C)

Post Number:#16  Post by rojasrod » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:48 pm

Thanks again for your help !!

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Re: Please help with sickness (vomiting with Vit C)

Post Number:#17  Post by rojasrod » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:42 pm

Before I continue with the update, I would like to share that we are in Canada, with a bunch of restrictions and gate keepers. We are not allowed to just order any test or go to any specialist of our choosing. A family physician must refer, order, or prescribe.

So we went to our family physician with the saliva cortisol tests hoping for a referral, but she didn't do it. Instead she ordered a bunch of blood tests, and I do not know how important this information is, but the random cortisol at that moment appeared normal. There was a supposed toxic level of Vitamin D as well (could this affect the cortisol testing?). We have suspended for now the vitamin D supplement.

the results that were outside of normal parameters were:

25 hydroxy vitamin D result: 274 nmol/l or 100 mg/dl (normal should be between 75 and 250 nmol/l )
RBC indices MCV result:101 (normal 76-98)
Creatinine result: 45 (normal 50-100)

normal values (since values are normal I will not post them, but you can always ask):
Cortisol Random 254 (normal 65-540)
t4 free
free t3
hemoglobin a1c
rbc mch
rbc mchc
mpv (all normal)
blood lipids

So the gate keepers are not going to allow us to have a visit to an endocrinologist, nor additional urine testing. I just ordered the DUTCH test which is a mail-in urine test. I hope this sheds some light.

Meanwhile the symptoms persist. She had jitters so we stopped caffeine which has helped. She has very low energy, headaches, and general pain.

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Re: Please help with sickness (vomiting with Vit C)

Post Number:#18  Post by ofonorow » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:57 am

I know that the ZRT saliva/hormone tests advise not taking the "steroid" vitamin D prior to the test period.

Given her symptoms, I would wager quite a bit that she is cortisol deficient. I tried quite a few things to improve my own adrenal function - and if high-dose vitamin C doesn't work (it might in your wife's case) - you need to find a supply of hydrocortisone. (However, coincidentally I am discovering that there is a world shortage - either real, or contrived to raise the price.)

It is strange, I might be able to get a prescription from Canada - much cheaper - than you can. We are not going to be able to fix Canadian healthcare, but at least you probably know what her issue is. That is always the first step.

There is a doctor I know, in the USA, who you could make an appointment with, and I don't see why he couldn't write a USA prescription for cortisol, especially if you had the results of an Amazon ZRT all-day cortisol test. This would cost less than $200 USD - plus the airfare/motel, plus the cost of the prescription, which until now, has been very cheap. You could go home with at least a six month supply... Assuming cortisol is still available at some pharmacy...
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