Where are all the vitamin C studies that used to be on your web site?

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Where are all the vitamin C studies that used to be on your web site?

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I'm having an argument with a friend, he said that vitamin C is quack medicine and he is asking for proof, he said it's not mentioned in medical journal, therefore isn't real. I remembered being able to find them at your site, but for some reason can't anymore.

Could you send me an attachment of those research paper? Thanks!

Your friend is mostly correct, it is almost impossible for a positive study of vitamin C to be published in regular mainstream medical journals. The "fix" is in as these journals are financed by pharmaceutical money, not the pursuit of science. On the other hand, vitamin C is the probably now the most researched subject in the history of science, as Linus Pauling reported in HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER...

Our "Science" page points to various studies that you can then go to pubmed.gov to see.

Our "News" page reviews articles about the various studies over the years

Here are a long list of older studies we maintain at the forum

The latest research from around the world on vitamin C and cancer is exploding.. We link to much of this work at our cancer page

Here is a web site devoted to classifying vitamin C studies, at least through 1999.

Hope this helps.
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