Re: Owen Announces His Mesh Removal Surgery Date

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Re: Owen Announces His Mesh Remove Surgery Date

Post Number:#16  Post by dectiri » Fri May 11, 2018 12:18 pm

ok... Owen on the 9th that he was going in for surgery -- 2nd try -- 'tomorrow'.... so I looked on twitter, no news... looked here, no news... he seemed to support my idea that we should give the hospitals 'a headache' if his plans was not adhered to, BUT he apparently declined to ever publish the name of the hospital FOR THE SURGERY... not for the kidnapping episode, which I'd guess his court battle would preclude EVER going back there... agreed?

so I skimmed past emails and messages and phone calls with little luck to find that reference yet i thought he'd once used the initials NCH in reference to the hospital for the surgery.... but the NCH in Illinois doesn't have him on their patient list... what now...

Thinking about his account of the kidnapping leads to the thought--- the idea that some DIFFERENT HOSPITAL THAN WHERE HE WAS INDICATED AS AN IVC SURGERY PATIENT **SOMEHOW** GOT INTO THE GAME AND KIDNAPPED HIM IS GETTING RATHER ANNOYINGLY SCARY.. don't you agree their excuse that they had called his 'trusting' wife with alarming news about 'his medical tests' being 'toxic' is not kosher...


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Re: Owen Announces His Mesh Remove Surgery Date

Post Number:#17  Post by ofonorow » Mon May 14, 2018 5:29 am

I see the hernia repair surgeon today, and should have some idea when the surgery will be. Everyone I meet with thinks I am "fine" at the moment, so hopefully the surgeon will too. (I have an earlier referral to a world expert in hernia repair at the Cleveland Clinic, who I may have to resort to, but lets see what happens today.)
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