hepatitis B Treatment

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hepatitis B Treatment

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I repeated the test in a well-known hospital. But, it came back positive again. Early this year i purchase Hepatitis B herbal remedy online from HEALTH MED LAB AT GMAIL DOT COM. They told me i will be negative after 4-5 weeks of usage of their Hepatitis B herbal remedy, which i believed and have faith. After 5 weeks of usage, I did another test my HBsAg came negative in routine checkup, so I have done all investigations for hepatitis B. My test reports are HBsAg negative 0.04 on 22/02/2018. I will never stop telling the world about HEALTH MED LAB AT GMAIL DOT COM good work in human life,and thank Moderator owen.fonorow for activating my account on this forum and i got their contact here and since i joined this forum, my health has improve and i don't longer have any issues with my liver and my hepatitis B is negative. Thanks again owen.fonorow.

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