Could meds contribute to a slow heart rhythm?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Could meds contribute to a slow heart rhythm?

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:02 am

I read comments from the Heart Tecnology sites,and I would like to send you a list of some of the heart medications my mother has been taking since her heart attack in January 1997. In July 1997 she had a 4 way Bypass. Over the years we have seen so many heart medications and the exspensive cost. In 2011 my mothers cardiologist suggested my mother needed a difibillator becasue her heart is beating too slow. This year 2012 he is suggesting the same. Before proceeding with this step I thought I would check to see what could be done through Vitamin C therapy or if you could look over her medication list and discover any medications that would contribute to a slow heart rhythm. Thank you for your attention to this letter listening.

Sorry to hear about your mother. Is she supplementing any vitamin C? And if not, you should start her using this protocol as a guide,
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Re: Could meds contribute to a slow heart rhythm?

Post Number:#2  Post by Johnwen » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:20 am

Look thru her list and see if she's taking any kind of Beta-Blockers.
They are used to slow the heart rate and reduce the contraction force of the heart.

The two most popular one's being used today are
Metoprolol succinate which is extended release 24hour
Metoprolol Tartate which is fast acting 4-8 hour speed
Carvedilol which is rapid release same as MT is.
There's a whole lot of other's you'll have to do some research.
You'll notice on the generic types which is the above they will end in "LOL"(Nothing LOL about them though there serious meds)
If she is taking them? Talk to her doc because just stopping them can cause cardiac arrest. Even just dropping the dose can cause some nasty reactions. A person has to be wheened off them in a controlled doseage to be safe.
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