Prescribed statin, typical systems, wants to lower chol w/C

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Prescribed statin, typical systems, wants to lower chol w/C

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I have high cholesterol. in excess of 200-220 overall..Prescribed Lipitor 20 mg daily 2 months\'s giving me muscle/joint pain minor memory loss and bloating/gas. I quit taking the meds about 5 days ago. Looking for the type of vit c + therapy that will help with my cardio/colest. without the drugs. Please advise.

Happy to help but you may have a lot to learn. Glad you are off lipitor! (I would hate to see you lose internal organs) We usually direct folks to these instructions on starting the Pauling therapy - vitamin C/lysine - for cardivascular disease.

Once we know your C tolerance (how much you can take and how often without diarrhea), we can then recommend an appropriate PT product, i.e., a dietary supplement(s).

In the meantime, how much vitamin C to you presently take? (The answer is not enough based on your reported total cholesterol.) When your vitamin C intake is optimal, total cholesterol invariably settles around 180 mg/dl.

And there are several ways to learn more about the Pauling theory and therapy.

For information about our Pauling-therapy handbook and testimonials see:

For the best basic introduction about vitamin C, see Linus Pauling's 1986 book How to Live Longer and Feel Better. e.g.

If you are looking for a book that might help your cardiologist appreciate vitamin C better visa vis CAD, we recommend Dr. Levy's STOP AMERICA'S #1 KILLER,

The following web sites are devoted to the Pauling therapy for heart disease: - includes introduction to the science - interactive forum includes a section on heart disease
http://practicingmedicinewithoutalicense - book about the Pauling therapy - why vitamin C is better than statin drugs. - Premier Pauling therapy products.
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