Need some help to find studies

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Need some help to find studies

Post Number:#1  Post by majkinetor » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:22 am

I noticed I have chest pain after large C dose, I deduced it must be something related to esophagus. I found this:

Medications and Their Effects on lhe Voice 221

Not infrequently, the laryngologist may encounter a patient who consumes large amounts of
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in an effort to maintain health or to prevent the occurrence of a
common cold. In some patients, a drying effect similar to that of a mild antihistamine
occurs when vitamin C is taken in large doses.13 Additionally, a patient with less than
optimal renal function may produce an acidic urine and possibly form calculi.

Additionally, my baby vomits after 20 minutes or so in a car, my wife trips its cuz of Vitamin C so I have to convince her its not becuase of it. I found this study, can't access it.

Influence of Orally Taken Vitamin C on Histamine Levels and Motion Sickness

Does anybody have access to above studies or has any comment on it ?

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Re: Need some help to find studies

Post Number:#2  Post by gofanu » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:38 pm

The study listing is here, at the bottom, once you figure out how to read the bizarre page: ... 7/abstract

Under "full text" you get this, which is called "article outline" aka abstract to me! ... 7/fulltext

At top right you could get the usual restricted access to the real full text.

"Both nausea and vomiting have been produced in persons deficient in magnesium or vitamin B6....Conversely, vitamin B6 has been used successfully to stop the vomiting of pregnancy and of car, sea, air and radiation sickness..... much throwing up can be prevented merely by adding a little magnesium oxide -1/4 teaspoon daily- and 2 or 3 teaspoons of yeast to the formula or drinking water, and/or by by giving wheat germ as a cereal." Adelle Davis

Assuming the baby is about 20-25lb, or 10kg, I'd be looking at 5-10mg B6 and 50mg pantothenic acid in addition to the regular vitamin C, as emergency remedy. But best to get the B vitamin levels up for routine; same for Mom and Dad.

My wife used this to prevent morning sickness once she realized she was pregnant. She had only felt a bit queasy, since we were already paying attention to B vitamins, but this stopped it completely. Daughter first threw up when she was about 5yrs, from a library acquired "stomach flu"; she got wheat germ, yeast and then B vitamins from weaning, and her mother was loaded during nursing. She also never had "colic" which is the same problem, and she always went to sleep in about 1 minute and slept through the night (waking up for nursing a couple of times until weaned).

Note that while vitamins C, B6, and pantothenic acid are the prime corrective factors in stress, which this is, ALL the B vitamins and magnesium are important here. Vitamins A and E systemic status are also important in histamine/allergy situations. Daughter also got a lot of cod liver oil, up to about age 8 or 10.

I have lost track of what you are doing re iodine, but other than plain dehydration, that is probably the major factor in dry mucous membranes, along with vitamin A. Do you also have dry mouth or dry eyes? There are other factors that could lead to chest pain after large doses of C, chiefly mag/cal serum status.


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