Licensed Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Dramatically Increase Human Life Span

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Licensed Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Dramatically Increase Human Life Span

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:26 am

Life Extension has long been promoting metformin, and they cite studies showing much lower cancer incidence, especially pancreatic cancers.

The drug seems to work by making cells more sensitive to insulin - meaning the pancreas isn't stressed to make more insulin to keep blood sugars under control.

There was some controversy when the drug first came, but I think they have the correct form to use now.

Anyway, you need a prescription for Metformin, so at present, you'll need elevated blood sugar to qualify. Maybe if this study completes, it will be available as a general "anti aging" prescription. And any doctor can prescribe an approved medication for other uses. No harm in asking your doctor for a metformin prescription.
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Re: Licensed Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Dramatically Increase Human Life Span

Post Number:#2  Post by lolex » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:37 pm

I decided to check before posting similar info re Metformin. I'd stumbled onto a similar article. Then, googled. And there is a lot about it on the internet, all positive or neutral.... nothing negative.

So, I checked, and you'd already started this thread Owen. Here's my add-on.

Asked my Doctor about it.... and he was aware that the Life Extension Foundation has been extolling Metformin's anti-aging benefits for some years.

I'm not Diabetic, but he saw no reason not to prescribe a low dose (500mg slow release) for me. (In Australia)

Don't ask; don't get !

Ask your Doctor what research he needs to see, to enable him to prescribe for you....

There is fair number of very detailed 'medical grade' articles on the net. And the FDA have just approved the TAME (?) Targeted Aging via Metformin study... because the anti-aging prognosis for this medication is so very good and risk free.

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