Main Property: Fighting infection. Best overall absorption, longer persistence in the blood stream than oral or intravenous vitamin C.

My clinical opinion is that one gram of properly-produced and orally-ingested liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is as or more effective than 5 to 10 grams of vitamin C given intravenouslyfor an acute viral syndrome.” — Thomas E. Levy, MD

Professionally manufactured True-liposomal (as opposed to self-made emulsions) anecdotally have special properties and effects, especially fighting infection. A True-Liposomal delivers almost 100% of its “payload” (vitamin C) to the blood stream. The 150 nanometer liposomes persist long after ordinary vitamin C has been passed out of the body (i.e., up to 2 to 4 hours).

True-liposomal is recommended by our physicians for all types of infections. The product can assist those with very low vitamin C bowel tolerances to retain more C than by taking ordinary vitamin C powders.

Supplement Facts

Vitamin C (as sodium L-ascorbate and L-ascorbic acid)1000 mg
sodium (as L-sodium ascorbate)125 mg
Lipsome Proprietary blend: Phosphatidylcholine (from non-GMO sunflower oil)-glycerin complex, non-GMO oleic acid.500 mg

Size: 30 servings

Suggested Usage

Typical dosages for infection are 6 servings, then 3 servings every 3 hours for 6 to 9 hours.

See the product page for more details.

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