CARDIO-C™ Pauling-Therapy Drink Mix

Original Cardio-C™ Pauling-Therapy Drink Mix (Vitamin C as China-FREE Quali-C®).

Main Property: Long history of success. The drink provides Linus Pauling’s specific Vitamin C and L-Lysine recommendations per the Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) video lecture (1992). The Cardio-C™ (Pauling-therapy) drink mix features China-FREE vitamin C. 30 servings per jar.

The pleasant tasting Cardio-C™ drink is much easier to swallow than the large number of equivalent dosages as pills or capsules. The formula includes the important Lp(a)-reducing amino acid proline. No excipients. Usually mixed with 6 to 8 oz of water or juice.

The Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid) is 100% China-FREE™ Quali-C® and the product is Vitamin C Foundation Approved® 

Our most popular product, the original Cardio-C™ has a long successful history which can be read about in Owen’s books.

Usage and Dosage Recommendations

One jar monthly provides Linus Pauling’s preventive dose, while 2 to 3 jars monthly provide Pauling’s therapeutic dosage.

See the product page for more details.

Tell a Friend. Our new autoship referral program can reduce the price of an ongoing Cardio-C™ repeat orders (autoships).

FREEZE (don’t refrigerate) CARDIO-C Powders for indefinite shelf life

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