Cardio-C™ (XM) w/ Glucose

Monthly Maintenance Pauling Therapy Drink Mix (30 servings)

Cardio-C (XM ) is designed for long-term Pauling-Therapy Maintenance

Main Property: This version of Cardio-C is a good source of vitamin C and is designed for long term continuous use. Avoids scores of pills otherwise required to achieve Linus Pauling’s recommended dosages. The new formula adds glucose and magnesium, eliminates Stevia and proline, and reduces the dosage of lysine.     Great add-on to fruit smoothies.

The Cardio-C™ (XM)  product provides Linus Pauling’s specific Vitamin C and Lysine recommendations per the Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) video lecture (1992) and includes glucose, the unappreciated nutrient vital for healing and energy throughout the body.

Linus Pauling in his wonderful 1986 book How To Live Longer and Feel Better advised readers not to stop taking vitamin C, “Even for a single day.

One reason Owen wrote his book Practicing Medicine Without a License is because heart patients following Pauling’s regimen started to feel well, fast. Many often thought that they were “cured” and stopped taking their vitamin C. Almost invariably, about six months later, those who stopped their vitamin C would revert to their previous condition and suffer a heart attack or require stents.

The orthomolecular Cardio-C™ (XM) has been designed to avoid this issue, as some level of vitamin C (and lysine) will keep Lp(a) cholesterol low (< 3 mg/dl)  and/or total cholesterol around 180 mg/dl. The exact maintenance dosage will differ among individuals, but these blood serum levels can act as a guide

When to Start Maintenance

Cardio-C™ (XM)  Pauling-therapy drink mix is designed for long-term maintenance (i.e., usually after serum Lp(a) approaches zero on the original Cardio-C formula.)

The decision to begin maintenance should be made at the time a former heart patients feels well enough that they would otherwise stop taking their high doses.   Feeling cured may include:

  •  Your doctors informs you that you no longer show symptoms of cardiovascular disease and all pain is gone
  • Your measured Lp(a) has dropped below 3 mg/dl
  • Your total cholesterol is measured at 180 mg/dl
  • Personal devices that monitor heart health reveal no heart issues

 Note:  Those who aren’t diagnosed with heart disease may find this formula useful as a daily preventive. 

This product is not as sweet as our other Cardio-C products.  Cardio-C™ (XM) is designed to be added to otherwise low-sugar fruit smoothies.

The Cardio-C™ (XM) maintenance formula adds magnesium (as magnesium ascorbate) and glucose (as dextrose); does not contain Stevia or proline.   Proline, unlike vitamin C and lysine, which are essential amino acids, is not essential; the human body makes its own proline. 

Low Lp(a) levels may be a good indicator whether the body is making adequate proline.


The pleasant tasting Cardio-C™ (XM) drink is much easier to swallow than the otherwise large number of pills or capsules. Usually mixed with juice, it makes an ideal addition to fruit smoothies.  The serving size of the drink mix powder contains:

Vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid 2,500 mg
L-lysine 2,000 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium ascorbate) 500 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1 mg
Other Ingredients D-glucose (as dextrose)

30 servings


The Medical Medium explains that glucose is an essential nutrient, on the order of oxygen and water, required for healing and energy. Organs such as the heart, liver, brain and all muscles rely on glucose for ongoing energy and healing.  

The body can not survive without glucose. Brain health is especially dependent on glucose.  And nutrients cannot enter cells without the Insulin which is a hormone that glucose stimulates our pancreas to produce.

Note: D-glucose (aka dextrose) is not the same as sucrose – table sugar.

Note: Fruits are the ideal source of glucose. This product is designed to be added to a healthy (low added sugar)  fruit smoothie in the morning, but can be mixed in water or juice..

Glucose will not make you fat. 

Fructose found in ordinary table sugars (i.e., sucrose) does signal the liver to create fat.

Note to Diabetics

Diabetics have the same requirements for glucose as other people, however, they have an insulin “disturbance” that prevents cellular uptake of glucose from the bloodstream.

Type 1 diabetics should consider one serving the equivalent of 5-10 grams of “sugar” when computing their insulin requirements.

Type 2 diabetics have a cellular membrane disturbance blocking the uptake of glucose (and other nutrients) into cells. The Medical Medium informs us that this “insulin resistance” is caused by, and can be minimized by minimizing, fat in the diet.

Jeffrey Bland tells us that taking 300 mg of Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (ALA), 3 to 4 times daily controls blood sugar in Type 2 diabetics.


We recommend taking Cardio-C™ (XM) first thing in the morning, when fats in the blood stream should be minimal, or 2 hours before or after meals.

Fats reach the blood stream after roughly six hours of digestion, and depending on the fat, they can last another six or more hours in the blood stream.  Our recommended timing avoids conflict with fat from the diet that might otherwise block glucose uptake leading to elevated blood sugar readings.

The Medical Medium also explains that all nutrients require insulin before they can enter cells.  (Said another way,  glucose is required for nutrients to enter cells.) 

It is known that vitamin C with a molecular structure similar to glucose can initiate insulin release from the pancreas.  This helps explain why such high doses of vitamin C have the desired beneficial effects; i.e., the stimulation of insulin by these high vitamin C doses.

The glucose in Cardio-C™ (XM) will also stimulate the release of insulin (in non Type 1 diabetics), meaning that lower dose of vitamin C (and lysine) should be at least as effective as the original formula, and may be more clinically effective.

The product has been manufactured by a world-class manufactured with the finest ingredients available.

Cardio-C™ XM is Vitamin C Foundation Approved

Cardio-C™  is a trademark of Inteligent Vitamin C Inc

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