CATHCART’S Sodium Ascorbate (non-acidic) Vitamin C Powder

Cathcart’s Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Powder (250 grams sodium ascorbate as Quali-C®)

Main property: Alkaline (non acidic) vitamin C. Sodium Ascorbate is the only form of vitamin C that should be used for intravenous infusion.

Bioavailability research conducted by the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation has demonstrated that oral sodium ascorbate enters the blood stream slowly, like a timed release, even after ingesting a high dose.

Suggested Usage

Dr. Cathcart’s Preparation of Vitamin C for IV Use Video

Updated version of Dr. Cathcart’s written IV/C prep instructions:

The alkaline sodium ascorbate should not irritate the bottom of the throat and is indicated for people with heartburn or GERD.

See the product page for more details.

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