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CELLg8® technology creates the most potent liposomes . . .

. . . on the market.

Inteligent*Vitamin*C now offers a new advanced form of Liposomal Vitamin C – in Capsules.  The new PANACEA PRO CAPS™ product replaces the old Panacea Pro traditional liquid liposomal vitamin C.

The new PANACEA PRO CAPS™ still encapsulate high potency China-FREE DSM Quali-C®, but in easy to swallow capsules, without flavoring or fillers.

Main Property:  High potency capsules that are easy on the stomach and do not cause gas.
Vitamin C expert Thomas Levy MD, JD, believes that vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes can be significantly more potent than intravenous vitamin C.
My clinical opinion is that one gram of properly-produced and orally-ingested liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is as or more effective than 5 to 10 grams of vitamin C given intravenouslyfor an acute viral syndrome.” — Thomas E. Levy, MD
The advanced  CELLg8® “dry-liposome” technology may be an order of magnitude better than the traditional liquid liposomes that Dr. Levy is familiar with.  Studies run with the water-soluble vitamin B12 have compared the traditional with the new CELLg8® technology.  The results were markedly in favor of the new liposomal encapsulation technology.

Usage and Dosage Recommendations

At this time, we believe that the dosage recommendations match our legacy liquid PANACEA liposomal vitamin C, e.g. for acute infection, take 6 capsules starting immediately after the first sign, and then 3 capsules every 3 hours until all symptoms subside. (Usually 6 to 9 hours).

For regular daily use, CELLg8 capsules are designed to be taken with water, but on an otherwise empty stomach. Ideally first thing in the morning, or before bed 3-6 hours after the last meal. 

“Going through detox without drinking enough water is like taking the trash to the curb with no waste-management service to pick it up.”

When going through any sort of detox program it’s a good idea to drink lemon or lime water first thing in the morning. Once detoxification has drawn the gunk out of your cells and tissues (your liver does much of its work overnight), it needs to be flushed out when you wake up –otherwise, those toxins settle back in.

Anthony William (Life-Changing Foods)

How do Cellg8® powders and capsules work? Cellg® delivery technology liposomes are made of tiny lipid bubbles that can be formed around various ingredients in a solution.

With Cellg8® powders, the lipids wrap around the actives, but without the water. Here is one way to look at it. If Cellg8® liposomes are grapes, Cellg8® powders are raisins. These raisins can be put into capsules for ease of use.

In the stomach, the capsule dissolves and releases the Cellg8® powder which protects the active ingredient from being degraded by stomach acid. They also protect the stomach from anything in the liposome that might be irritating and cause stomach upset.

After the liposomes pass into the small intestine, they plump up just like a raisin plums up when you soak it in water again- then they are ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The liposomes go where they are needed in the body, then release their nutrient payload.

This results in many times higher blood levels of the nutrient or botanical than after not taking non Cellg8® preparations. Make your supplements better, safer, and easier to take with Cellg8® liposomes


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