WORLD’S FINEST VITAMIN C – Fine Ascorbic Acid Powder

World’s Finest CHINA-Free Vitamin C Powder (300 grams, ascorbic acid as Quali-C™ fine powder)

Main Property: Economical China-Free Vitamin C powder. Rapid absorption. No fillers or excipients.

Nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation research has demonstrated that a measurable amount of ascorbic acid enters the blood stream instantly (through the stomach lining) in 3 minutes after ingesting a high dose, without traveling to the intestines.

This preliminary research has shown that it is possible to achieve higher blood levels taking ascorbic acid orally than can be achieved from the same amount of vitamin C from an intravenous infusion, making ascorbic acid appropriate for fighting colds and potentially cancers. Our tests indicate that buffered vitamin C takes longer to enter the bloodstream after moving down the GI tract.

Ascorbic acid is a mild acid, on the order of coca cola. Linus Pauling wrote that he added sodium bicarbonate to his 18,000 mg of daily ascorbic acid.

Suggested Usage

The World’s Finest Vitamin C (fine grade powder) is our most economical product. 1 gram per day would last almost a year, while 10 grams per day would last one month. Linus Pauling himself took 18,000 mg of ascorbic acid daily and recommended that everyone take from 6,000 mg to 18,000 mg daily, not skipping even a single day.

Important recent research (Sen, et. al.) reveals that optimal dosages of vitamin C (and Niacin) can kill cancer stem cells – the seeds of cancer. The NonProfit Foundation White Paper estimates that 1 gram every 2 hours is the minimum safe dosage for cancer patients.

The Foundation’s “cure” for the common cold is 8 grams of Vitamin C as ascorbic acid by mouth, every 20 minutes, for the first 2 hours immediately after the onset of the common cold.

See the product page for more details.

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